MCEA Tutor Directory

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The Montgomery County Education Association (MCEA) operates this online Tutor Directory as a free service for informational purposes only: to provide a clearinghouse of information about tutors to individuals seeking tutorial services.  Tutors in this directory are members of MCEA who have requested to be listed. MCEA does not guaranty the quality of services to be received. MCEA does not charge fees to tutors for listings, nor does MCEA conduct background checks or in any other way screen or certify the tutors listed. MCEA assumes no liability for the use of any tutor listed on this site.

All tutoring done by current employees of the Montgomery County Public Schools must comply with MCPS Regulation GCA-RA, which reads (in part):

MCPS Regulation GCA-RA, Section II: Procedures for Avoiding Conflict of Interest

C. Tutoring

1. No tutoring by employees for which a remuneration is received, which is in addition to his/her salary by MCPS, shall take place on the public school property of Montgomery County.

2. No regularly employed staff member in a school or center shall tutor, for a remuneration either during the school year or in the summer, any student who is enrolled in the school or center in which the staff member is employed, except during the summer in programs for disabled children where the number of specialized staff members are few. Any written requests from parents/guardians for such summer tutoring must be approved by both the community superintendent/designee and the associate superintendent for student and community services/designee.